CEDARS Community of Practice


What is it?

Members of the CEDARS community of practice is a forum for health programmers and researchers interested in advancing practical learning about sustainability in community-oriented health and development programs. It gathers professionals from non-profit, academic and research institutions, from field project managers, M&E specialists to researchers.

Since 2004, our community of practice has been contributing to tools and manuals; implementing studies and publishing work; and providing technical assistance in planning and measurement for sustainable health. Our project list offers quick summaries of past members' projects.

Our community of practice has operated as a listserv until now. Through the CEDARS portal, ICF Macro will now be able to offer more dynamic features, including "ask your colleagues" and document exchanges. If you have a question about the community of practice, send an email to info@cedarscenter.com. If you would like to join, register here or send us an email!


The CEDARS community of practice developed the OCVAT for assessing the capacity and viability of local partners. As a collective, it was instrumental in advancing the thinking of the SF by contributing to discussions of recent experiences in operationalizing the framework, which resulted in the creation of Taking the Long View , the latest implementation manual, available on this website. It has facilitated the adaptation of the Sustainabiliy Framework for malaria projects, as well as for projects focused on family planning. In the past, SHOUT members have organized sessions at CORE Group meetings and other fora to advance measurement of the sixth component (environmental scan), and the fifth component (community capacity). Our community of practice continues to serve as a practitioner forum to both share ideas and offer peer assistance.


The community of practice is a virtual group, composed of real people who work around the world. We connect through CEDARS, which offers discussion fora, as well as the opportunity to post resources, access technical assistance, contribute to organized events and publications, and discuss fascinating subtopics like "How to facilitate climate change adaptation." Members have the option of receiving email summaries of discussions.

There may be opportunities to collaborate during project visits. Feel free to post your information on the CEDARS blog if you have an opportunity for on-site collaboration.

How can I join?

Click here to register, then sign in under the Contribute/Login tab at the top of the page. After you register you can view other members contact information.


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